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Win with Hala

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Ooredoo Qatar will now reward the loyalty of prepaid Hala customers with the new Win with Hala programme.

Gold Vouchers worth up to QAR 200,000 can be won simply by recharging Hala. Customers recharging their Hala balances will immediately start receiving reward points. As points accumulate over time, so too will benefits including frequent entry into regular raffle-style draws.

Three Grand Prizes can be won: gold vouchers worth QAR 50,000, QAR 100,000 and an amazing QAR 200,000.

Other prizes include smartphones, televisions, Nojoom points and ultimately gold vouchers worth up to QAR 200,000. Every customer will be receive a specific points total based on their Hala recharge. While every riyal spent on a physical channel recharge such as a scratchcard is worth 10 points, digital recharges are worth twice that – 20 points for every riyal spent.

Over time, the points earned will allow customers to attain a particular level of ‘membership’, ranging from Bronze (200 points) to Platinum level (2000 points):
* Red level: 200 points,
* Silver level: 500 points,
* Gold level: 1000 Points,
* Platinum level: 2000 points

With each new level achieved, customers will become eligible for a wide range of gifts, starting immediately with telecom and non-telecom benefits, followed by tickets for the raffle draw (allocated by level). A Platinum-level Hala customer with 2000 points would be allocated 10 Tickets to use in a series of weekly and monthly draws, with tickets allocated to the customer by level, as follows:
* Red level (200 points) = 1 Ticket
* Silver level (500 points) = 2 Tickets
* Gold level (1000 Points) = 5 Tickets
* Platinum level (2000 points) = 10 Tickets

Ten weekly smartphone prizes are available over the course of 14 weeks.
Five monthly prizes of 200,000 Nojoom Points and five 55” flatscreen TVs available.

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