How to Earn Nojoom Points?

Earning Nojoom Points

Earning Nojoom Points is really easy. Basically, every time you make a call, send an SMS, pay your monthly fees or use any Ooredoo service, you will be earning Nojoom Points. You can earn from up to 20 Ooredoo services that are associated with your Qatari ID card. You can also earn Nojoom Points by spending at Nojoom partner outlets.

So whether you are staying in touch with loved ones at home or overseas, simply enjoying Ooredoo TV programmes or surfing the internet, you will not only be enjoying yourself but you will be earning Points that can be redeemed against that special gift you might want for yourself or your family.

How Do You Earn Nojoom Points?

The process for earning your Nojoom Points is slightly different depending on if you are a Hala customer or a billed Customer such as Shahry, Home Broadband.

Hala Earning Process

Hala Earning Process

Hala customers will earn points for actual usage of their Hala service and not simply for each Hala top-up. Your spend will be calculated and points for usage will be credited to your Nojoom account in the first week of each calendar month.

Billed Services Earning Process

Billed Services Earning Process

For billed services such as Shahry or Ooredoo TV you will receive Points for all the eligible spend on your bill on the day after your billing date each month. These points will be credited to your account as 'Pending Points'.

Pending Points are points that you have earned that have not been released to your Nojoom account, as the bill they were issued for has not been settled in full. Obviously, as soon as the bill for these Pending Points is paid, then they will be released overnight to your Nojoom account as Nojoom Points which you can use to redeem for rewards.

Earning Nojoom Points From Partners

We continually look to grow the number of partners where Nojoom members can earn (as well as redeem) Nojoom Points from our exclusive programme partners. Members will have the opportunity to Earn Nojoom Points when shopping, dining and much more. Click here to know more about your earn partners.